Property Management



Recuset’s Property Mgt’s. full service guarantee means we:
  • Make certain your rent payments are on time each month or take timely action to correct the problem
  • Vigorously solicit qualified tenants
  • Provide maximize exposure of your property
  • Screen tenants and obtain necessary credit reports
  • Establish tenant responsibilities
  • Provide detailed accounting reports
  • Provide eviction service
  • CAM licensed (Homeowner and Condominium Associations)
  • Maintenance for virtually any problem

Income property should be that just that, INCOME PROEPRTY. When repairs and maintenance costs exceed your income it’s not only a financial drain, it may endanger retaining your property. Our internal maintenance supervisors look at every work order and determine the most cost effective way to handle the issue. That may be a matter of our own people doing the work or assigning the proper vendor. Nothing gets spent unless you’ve given us authorization.

Is your rent payment being received on a timely basis?
Getting your rent on time is a concern to both of us. In general, the timely enforcement of lease terms helps to make for a better tenant. When you become slack in enforcement of the terms, especially rent, the tenant tends to take advantage. We send out 3 day notices as soon as legally possible. We enforce every provision of the leas to afford you every opportunity to retain effective control of your property. And we regularly inspect every client property to catch the early warning signs of potential trouble.

For as long as we’ve been in business, we’ve been driven by a single goal: to add value to our clients’ holdings.

We are pleased to offer property management to owners of both residential and commercial properties in Doral and the City of Miami.

Our approach has always been consultative. We don’t take a step until we’ve honed in on a client’s goals for the property, long-term and short. Then we design management programs—business plans, on-site management, marketing strategies, comprehensive reporting tools, and effective cost-control measures.

Property management represents the day-to-day management of task-level detail of operating a real estate asset. This includes:

  • rent collection
  • budgeting
  • tenant relations
  • maintenance and operational tasks
All necessary tasks to insure fulfillment of the landlord’s obligations at competitive operational cost with an eye on maintaining the physical components of the property in an effort to maximize the useful life.

Distressed Property Repositioning

Strategic positioning of property including analytical positioning of property in lease/sale environment, property management and strategic reinvestment.

Property Accounting
The professional operational accounting services offered by RECUSET Property Mgmt., include monthly statements, financial reports and tax appeal services.

Property Operations/Repairs/Maintenance
RECUSET Property Mgmt., combines coordinated, cost-effective capital and expense budgets with implementation of services, repairs and maintenance to achieve tenant and owner satisfaction.

Property Inspection Services

Due-diligence and asset monitoring teams perform annual, quarterly and monthly inspection services to ensure compliance with owner objectives.

Portfolio Review
By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each property in the portfolio and anticipating market changes RECUSET Property Mgmt., identifies potential acquisition or disposition opportunities in order to realize the greatest return on investment for the owner.

We rely on our highly trained maintenance staff to address property issues. Our in‐house maintenance team is equipped with extensive knowledge of building mechanical systems, including heating and air conditioning, elevator/escalator, energy management, plumbing, electrical and life safety. This full‐time crew is immediately available and promptly able to identify and resolve issues through our state‐of‐the‐art work order program, translating to lower costs and maximum convenience for owners and tenants. Effective communication is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Property managers are hands‐on with the daily operations of all properties, giving top priority to providing owners with real-time information through custom financial reports and personal communication. By serving as the owner representative of a property, RECUSET Property Mgmt., is able to successfully and proactively manage all facets of cash flow, day‐to‐day operations and tenant relations.

  • LEED Evaluations
  • Energy Auditing
  • Annual Budget Preparation
  • Facilities Management
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Rent and CAM Collection
  • Lease, Expense and Insurance Administration
  • Property Inspection and Evaluation