Do you offer full service property management in Doral/Miami?
Yes. Recuset Realty offers full service property management. We can handle any task related to owning rental property. Whether that means advertising your rental, screening tenants, signing tenant leases, fixing clogged drains, repairing broken windows, cutting the grass, plowing the driveway, replacing the roof. You name it, If it involves rental property in Miami, Fl., Recuset Realty Property Management can do it.

Do you ONLY manage properties in Miami, Fl?
Recuset Realty Property Management manages rental properties in all of Dade county.

I’m new to real estate investing. Would you work with me?
Absolutely. Recuset Realty is committed to making investing in real estate as safe, easy & painless as possible for both new & experienced investors.

Do you work with out of state investors?
Yes. We will help out of state investors purchase, sell, &/or manage rental property.

What is the best market for out of state investing?
For more information contact us: 786.471.5228

Is it safe to invest in real estate out of state?
In our opinion yes. Working with Recuset Realty can be a very safe and easy way for you to get involved in this mid to high cost high cash flow market. We are trained professionals working soley in a market that we have long term connections and an in depth knowledge of the community.

How do I buy rental property out of state?
Contact us at 786.471.5228. We can not only assist you in the management of your rental property but the purchase of your rental property as well.

What do you charge to manage my rental property?
Generally speaking, we charge a property management fee in the amount of 10% of gross rents per month for commercial properties and $75 per month for residential properties under 2,500 square feet. Or we offer different Joint Venture opportunities where there is no property management fee.

What is a Joint Venture?
A Joint Venture (aka J/V) is when two parties come together to do a deal. In this case it could be you and Recuset Realty. A Joint Venture with Recuset Realty has the advantages of limiting your risk, decreasing your required level of involvement, limiting your costs & making your rate of return more predictable.

If I loan Recuset Realty money, how do I know I will get it back?
It goes without saying that Recuset Realty operates with nothing but honesty and integrity at all times. For those that want an added layer of insurance loans can be secured with a 1st position lien on a piece of real property.

What is a 1st position lien?
A lien is a legal security interest in real or personal property. Created and publicly recorded for and until the satisfaction of a debt or mortgage. The lien is an encumbrance on the property, and can prevent the transference of the property.
When a lender is in the 1st position it means that they are in the 1st position to benefit from any liquidation of the collateral which secures the loan.

How much money can I make lending to Recuset Realty.
We pay as high as 12% interest. The rate you receive is based on the amount lent and the term length.

I want to sell my house. Can you help me with that?
Yes. We can sell your house.

Will you buy my house?
Yes. Click here to sell us your house.

Are you Realtors®?
Yes, Recuset Realty is a full service real estate brokerage. All of our real estate agents are also members of the National Association of Realtors® and the Miami board of Realtors®

I would like to rent a house from you. What should I do?

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